What Our Patients Are Saying:

Letter From: Joe F.

Dear Pavel,
I want you to know how much I appreciate what you did for me with your massage therapy.
My quality of life is greatly improved because of you and your knowledge.
Because of you everyday is a good day, so thank you again.

Joe F.

Letter From: Dennis B.

I went duck hunting and right after that my left low back got sore and I started to feel some radiating pain into my left buttock and thigh. I gave myself a couple of days to get better but instead my low back continued to get more sore and I started to feel sharp pain shooting into my buttock and thigh now.

I went to see a chiropractor but after 2 weeks treatments I continued to get worse. I was unable to stand up more than 20-30 minutes at the time before I had to sit down to relieve some of the sharp pain that I had in low back, buttock and thigh. Chiropractor suggested to have MRI as he thought I had herniated or ruptured disk in my lumbar spine.

My mother in law talked me into to see Pavel as she has been seeing him for the chronic condition that she had. I was skeptical but within first 2 deep tissue treatments I noticed an improvement and after 6 treatments I was 100% back to normal. I can not praise Pavel enough for the treatments that he provided.

Dennis B.

Letter From: Crystal T.

I injured my low back when a patient pulled their entire body weight up off the treatment table by using my right arm. I lived with the pain and discomfort for nearly a year before it got so bad I could not work and had to go to the emergency room. They told me at the hospital that I could have a bulging or herniated disc in my low back. They treated me with a very strong pain pill, anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxer and referred me for an MRI.

I came to see Pavel and after two treatments my back pain has decreased significantly and I went off the pain medicine after the first treatment and the other medication within a week. Pavel also showed me stretching exercises for my lower back to do at home and I canceled my MRI appointment.

I resumed working and remain pain free.

Crystal T.

Letter From: Walt & Sue N.

Dear Pavel,

Sue and I want to thank you and your people for the great therapy you’ve provided us over the last few years. Sue especially has been able to forgo a needed surgery on her lower back as a direct result of your work. We both feel much better in our daily lives with improved range of motion and just overall vitality which we attribute to our regular treatments.

Walt & Sue N.

Letter From: Toby R.

I was in a car accident in May 2008 and suffered a non-repairable back injury. I had physical therapy, pain medication, and spinal injections which did nothing to reduce the pain.

A friend recommended going to Pavel for deep tissue myofacial therapy. I was apprehensive thinking I had already tried everything. I am glad I went. Pavel worked out the pain I had been suffering the past year in the muscles surrounding my back injury. I will continue having treatments as needed and would recommend him to anyone suffering back, shoulder or neck pain.

Toby R.

The pain relief Pavel has given Toby has also helped with his mood. The pain related crankiness is also gone!
Thank you Pavel!!

Terry R.

Letter From: Chuck H

Recently I was diagnosed with low back strain as a result of improper lifting.

I had a very difficult time sitting, getting up and down, and was walking with the aid of a cane.

I was offered the choice of a chiropractor or massage therapy.

I chose massage therapy with PAVEL MASLENNIKOV.

Over the course of eight weeks with heat, massage therapies and stretching, I’ve regained my full range of motion. I have resumed my normal activities including 18 holes of golf almost daily. I am very happy with this type of treatment and results.

Chuck H

Letter From: Walter J.

My back problems started in April, 2006. Three acupuncture treatments and three chiropractor treatments were of no help. When asked where my problem was I informed them I had pain in my lower back and my left testicle, and consequently they worked on my lower back.

My wife had an appointment with Pavel on 6-31-06, she told him I was going in for an MRI later that day and went on to explain my symptoms. Pavel told her not to let me go in for surgery and that I should get an inversion board and start stretching my back. This I did and I started to get some relief and after a few days I was able to get off the couch for short periods of time.

I had also set up an appointment with Pavel for 7-17-06. I told him where my pain was and he informed me that he had been researching my problem and felt the pain was coming from the L-1 vertebrae. He treated me accordingly twice a week and by the fourth week most of the pain was gone.

On 8-10-2006, I saw Dr. Michael Markham at Rebound Orthopedics and Neurosurgical Specialists in Vancouver, WA. He read the MRI and confirmed that I had a ruptured disk on L-1/L-2. I told Dr. Markham that Pavel had been treating me and how much better I was doing and with that he told me to continue with Pavel and surgery was not needed at this time.

I am doing well and am still seeing Pavel; I can now dig clams, golf and have returned to my normal routine.

Thank You Pavel

Walter J.

Letter From: Blair S.

I have been a patent of Pavel Maslennikov since August 2006. My job entails that I carry 20 to 25 pounds of equipment on my waist and shoulders for 10 hours a day. As a result of this I suffer from chronic lower back pain. Before I started to see Pavel, I suffered from several pain relapses several times a year. This started about 15 years ago and I tried physical therapy along with adjusted my posture when lifting or moving from certain positions. This has helped but I still had back pain issues several times a year. This lower back pain would keep me from work 23 days. Since I started to see Pavel I have yet to have a lower back pain episode. I believe his massages to my back has relieved the pressure so I no longer miss work or endure the pain associated with my lower back.

Blair S.

Letter From: Jerry A.

My back went out at work about a year ago. I felt sharp pain going down my legs. I could hardly walk to my car and a few times the pain was so intense that it dropped me to my knees.

It got some what better after several weeks so I was able to walk and started to see a Chiropractor regularly. It felt that he would relieve my pain for a short time. Some times for a day, some times for an hour only. So I thought that it was my muscles and not my spine. I went to see my doctor at Kaiser and he referred me to Physiatrist. The Physiatrist felt that it was soft tissue problem and I asked him if he can refer me for a massage therapy. He referred me to Pavel Maslennikov. I started to see Pavel and he provided deep tissue myofascial therapy for my back and most of my pain is gone now.

I still get some tightness in my back when I have to lift heavy objects at work but it does not go into a severe spasm like it used to.

Jerry A.

Letter From: Debbie K.

In September 2006 I began to have some pain in my lower back and hips. I went to my doctor who took x-rays which came out normal. She gave me some pain medication and told me to call if it continued. The pain was increasing daily and now in my left leg. An MRI was done in October. The MRI results revealed that I did have three protruding discs in my lower back. Two of them were resting on nerve roots. It was suggested that I get an injection in my back for the pain and make an appointment at a pain management clinic. At this time I was at a level 10 on a pain scale of 1 to 10 constantly. The pain management clinic could not see me until February so I was prescribed some pain medication and told to wait. I made an appointment for the injection.

I began some physical therapy and ultra sound treatments which eased the pain, but only very temporarily. By January I could not sleep more than two hours, the pain was waking me at night, and I could not sit for more than 30 minutes. The pain was constant and shooting down my leg. I was also experiencing continual cramping in my left leg. I had been to Pavel’s office before for some neck pain issues and am happy with the results. I showed my MRI results to him and asked him if he could do anything for me.

He suggested I postpone the steroid shot, come see him for massage therapy twice a week, and use an inversion table as much as possible. He also directed me to some literature regarding back pain. I did what he suggested and in about a month and a half the pain seemed to be decreasing in intensity. It was then I saw the pain management doctor and he agreed that massage therapy would be helpful and that a surgeon might be able to fix it, but surgery should be my last option. This was also when the MRI results were explained in full and the doctor told me I was in a very severe condition.

By April I was beginning to be able to sleep more and the pain was getting very light and manageable. In June I was able to sit in a car for a couple of hours at a time. I stopped taking pain medication July 1, and I am sleeping my normal hours. I didn’t have the steroid shot, I didn’t have surgery and I move normally most of the time. I am grateful to Pavel’s experience and care. I believe his treatments have taken care of a problem that would ordinarily be treated by surgery.

Best Regards

Debbie K.

Letter From: Marilyn T.

My back “went out” on February 15, 2007. I sneezed hard and bent over to pick something up off the floor = severe massive pain. This pain was terrible! I could not sit, stand, walk, move in bed at all or get up + down when sitting in a chair or car without suffering greatly.

I went four times to a chiropractor, once for acupuncture and finally to my doctor, who referred me to Pavel Maslennikov. I had two full treatments form Pavel and my awful pain is gone and has not returned.

Marilyn T.

Letter From: Joe R.

Slipped October 10th, 2006, hurt right knee. Favored it and hunted in Idaho. I thought I pulled a muscle in left leg. It hurt for 2 weeks. I then
went to the doctor. Used Naproxin for 2 weeks with no relief. Also went to the chiropractor for 4 visits and it got worse. A co-worker recommended I see
Pavel Maslennikov.

I called for an appointment and got one for January 5th 2007. At that time I was in bed more than I was out of bed. I hurt 24-7. Extreme pain
(10+) when I stood up or sat down. Out lower disc level 3-4.

1st visit with Pavel
The next day I hurt bad. By the 3rd day I was able to move in bed and get pain free. The 4th day I was able to get up for 3-4 hours. By the 5th
day I went shopping with my wife. At this time I hurt to get up and down or to sit in a chair. At night it took a minimum 30 minutes to get comfortable.

2nd visit with Pavel
The day after was bad. By the 3rd day I was able to get up for 6 hours. The 4th day I was able to work outside and get 2 wheelbarrow loads of
wood to the house. I also rode our indoor bike 1 mile which took 15 minutes. By the 5th day I was getting better. Then by the 6th day I was pain free until 5 pm and I also rode the bike 1 mile in just 4 minutes. The 7th day I was pain free even stood up from my chair for the first time without pain.

3rd visit with Pavel
1st day felt good. The 2nd day, relapse. The 3rd day, hurt in the afternoon. 4th day, morning was good.

4th visit with Pavel
Hurt. Next day was good, I walked the mall then Fred Meyer. Next day went to Bob’s and did some visiting. Next day walked up the road to neighbor’s house and my knee hurt. Next day worked in the yard 4 hours. Next day, I had a good day.

5th visit with Pavel
Next day sore and hurt in the morning. 6th visit with Pavel Had a good week. 7th visit with Pavel Doing fine.

Joe R.

Letter From: Rhonda M.

When I first injured my back, I had severe pain in my lower right back that radiated into my stomach. I went to see my medical doctor and they couldn’t find any thing wrong with me. After my first back treatment from Pavel I had much relief. Pavel used massage therapy and micro fiber massage on my back and after only a few treatments my pain was gone. I am a dental assistant and I am often sitting in an awkward position for most of the day. On going treatment from Pavel helps my back stay healthy now.

Rhonda M.

Letter From: Michael S.

It all started April 2007. I started having very sharp spasms and pain on my lower left side of my back. I don’t recall any single event which precipitated the pain. I would wake up at night around 3am in severe pain, go get some Ibuprofens just to get back to sleep. I would take more Ibuprofens with breakfast in order to drive to work and get through the day. On a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being extreme pain, I felt my back pain was a constant 7-8 all day long and into the night. I had an MRI and X-Ray and everything looked okay from a muscle-skeletal and nerve perspective. I was relieved to hear that.
I stopped doing the things I liked: jogging, skiing, golf, yard work, bicycling, etc. All I could do was drive to work, where luckily I work in an office and don’t have to do any lifting. I would just come home and sit on a heating pad.
I tried ice, heat, gentle stretching, baths, and aspirin. I then tried acupuncture, with some relief. But overall, the pain lasted during the entire summer and into the Fall.
So, I went to Pavel for deep tissue massage. During my massages sessions, Pavel would explain from a physiological perspective what was going on with my back pain. This really helped me, because I could feel myself starting to despair, that I would never be out of pain. After all, I wasn’t used to being physically limited. I needed Pavel’s “holistic approach.”

I felt about 25% immediate relief, from Pavel’s deep tissue massage treatments. I found immediate relief from that method, just after two sessions. Finally, after deep tissue massage, the pain subsided. I was so relived to be finally able to walk around, sit and stand without stabbing pain. I began to sleep through the night.
Pavel wisely suggested that I continue massage for awhile, even though the pain subsided. I was glad he said that, because over time, it’s gotten better and better.
Today, which is now February 2008, I go the gym, work in the yard, ski, ALL without pain!

Now mind you, I still do the gentle stretches Pavel suggested to me, and I do a couple daily exercises that he also provided, and it really helps me keep my back limber and supple.
I’ve thought of ways to thank Pavel for his expertise, but all he says is, “just a simple thanks will suffice.” ( and he appreciates it when I pay on time, which I always do)
Not only is Pavel an expert on body treatments, but he is very easy to chat with and he is a true gentleman in the sense of the word. He is kind and I always felt completely comfortable in his care.
For me, it’s been well worth every dollar.

Michael S.

Letter From: Don J.

History of Injury:

My lower back injury was caused by moving a heavy hide-a-bed couch on December 26, 2006. Of course a lower back condition like mine is built up from accumulative injuries and the December episode set in motion the worst condition I have ever experienced. Pain started three days later on December 29th (very typical for me that the back pain always starts three days after lifting heavy objects). Pain level increased each day for the next week and a half. During this period I was not able to go to work and spent my time lying down. Went to the doctor on January 5, 2007 and was prescribed Flexeril and Vicodon. Along with these two medications I was also taking over-the-counter ibuprofen 200 mg., 6 times a day. Pain continued with no improvement so I saw the doctor again on January 9, 2007. He ordered blood test (sedimentation looking for infection – which came back negative), (3) lumbar back x-rays, MRI lower back, and a colonoscopy. The back x-rays and MRI indicated that I had a dehydrated disk and maybe slight bulging but nothing that would directly explain the reason for the pain I was experiencing. I went back to work (desk job) after more than 21/2 weeks off work on January 14th for two hours, then four hours the next day, and finally full time on January 16th . When I returned to work was only taking the over the counter medication of Ibuprofen six times per day. At this point I was mostly in pain in the sitting position. Once home from work I would spend most of the rest of the evening lying down. At work I could only sit down for about 15 minutes at a time. I would have to get up and walk around and would be bent forward and leaning to the right side. After walking about 200 feet I would be able to straighten up. Each day I could sit a few minutes more before having to get up and walk. After about a month of taking Ibuprofen I was able to taper down the daily amount and eventually stopped taking it. Next I started going on daily walks to try and strengthen my back muscles. I slowly increased my daily mileage up to 3.2 miles a day, around 4 times a week. Was able to walk OK but still not able to sit for long periods of time and especially not able to sit with my lower back unsupported.

I went snow skiing for two days in early March (big mistake). Three days later I was in pain, and taking ibuprofen again, but was able to go to work. This pain episode lasted two weeks and I did switch from Ibuprofen for one week to a prescribed pain killer Voltaren 75 mg taken twice a day. After the pain subsided I started a City of Longview Parks and Recreation sponsored class in April, called Lower Abdominal and Back Muscle Strengthening. During this period I still was not able to sit for any long length of time. Also every time I did house chores, home repairs, or just about anything, my back would start hurting several days later. It is hard to explain how frustrated I was, I felt like my active life style was over. I wondered if I was ever going to be able to go on a vacation again because I would have to be in the sitting position a long time to go anywhere. At this point I would lay down in the back bench seat of the van any time we drove over an hour or so.

I sought help from a chiropractor early in the month of May to see if he could do anything to help my back. After a second session which included the addition of using a vibrating device, I still not got back to walking. Went back to my doctor, he prescribed one month of physical therapy and also referred me to a Doctor at the “In Motion Clinic”. A physical therapist conducted eight sessions of physical therapy twice a week in late June and early July. This therapy consisted of electrical & ultrasonic stimulation and learning stretching and back strengthening exercises. Since I was only seeing minor improvement from the physical therapy they tried deep tissue massage during the last three therapy sessions. I was surprised by the benefit I felt from the very first massage. I noticed while driving away from the physical therapy appointment that my back felt better in the sitting position. Of course the improvement was temporary but for the first time it gave me hope.

After two months had passed, my appointment at the “In Motion Clinic” finally arrived. After looking at my X-rays and MRI results, the doctor felt my problem was a soft tissue injury and felt that massage therapy was a good place to start. He referred me to Pavel Maslennikov for deep tissue-Myofacial therapy. I will admit at first I had my doubts that this type of therapy would eventually return me to normal, especially after all had been through. It had now been eight months since my back felt normal and I figured it never would again. After five sessions with Pavel I got to the point in my therapy that I had no daily back pain. Also I no longer had the thought of back pain lingering in my mind all the time. I now was slowly able to resume a normal life. As I increased my daily activities my back would “talk” to me from time to time. I would have slight pain and I might have to take a couple Ibuprofen but nothing has been very severe nor long lasting. Although I am still not back to my previously active level (I haven’t gone skiing yet) I now believe with proper back conditioning that I may eventually get back to my previous active life.

The past year was a bad year for me. Looking back I can only feel that I did things in the wrong order. I should have started with the least invasive therapy, instead of ending with it. I believe the reason I went this route is because of what my medical insurance would pay for. With the high cost X-rays, MRI’s, colonoscopy, doctor visits, and physical therapy I know my insurance company would have saved money had they only paid for deep tissue-Myofacial therapy.

With hope for pain free future,

Don J.

Letter From: Brenda B.

To whom this may concern,

I thought I would write this so I could share my experience with how massage therapy has helped me.

First of all, three years ago I was hiking 10-13 miles a day, 4-5 days a week, but after about 5 months of this my back & hip were bothering me. When I went to the doctor they prescribed muscle relaxers to me and sent me to physical therapy. Neither one really loosened my back very much so I had to stop walking because the pain was too great. I even tried a chiropractor, but that had little success as well.

I should mention I used to pop my back when it would get tight then it would feel better. It was a way of adjusting my back. For the next two years I took it easy and gave up a lot of outdoor activities.

In December I pulled some muscles or something in my back and I could not lift my leg to get in a car or walk up stairs. I seriously thought I would have to quit working. I knew if I went to a doctor it would be more muscle relaxers or pain pills to mask the problem, without a permanent solution to help my back. I decided instead to go to a massage therapist, which I had tried years ago with great success.

By the second visit I was feeling better. I could lift my leg again and I knew I would not have to give up my job as a special needs preschool instructor. I now have had 6 treatments and my back is starting to pop and self adjust on its own again. I won’t tell you the massage will put you to sleep because it can be painful for the first few times, but, it is highly effective in the long term. If I would have waited, and only listened to the doctors, the doctors probably would have wanted to do surgery. I sincerely believe a lot of back surgery could be prevented if people would go to a sports massage therapist first.


Brenda B.

Letter From: Jim D.

My lower back went out at the 1st of the year and was causing me difficulty in walking and sleeping. A friend referred me to Pavel sighting he had achieved great results by seeing him himself.

After 6 or 7 visits I was feeling much better. Walking, sleeping and even lifting are a comfortable norm for me now.
Thanks Pavel for your help.

Jim D.

Letter From: Rosemary D.

I have had chronic back pain for many years. In September of 2007, I suffered severe back pain and was admitted to the hospital. Several tests were done including an MRI. Subsequently, I was treated with pain medications and physical therapy and was released two days later.

At that time I was instructed to get physical therapy while waiting for an appointment with the neuro-surgeon. I followed instructions and had physical therapy for the next two weeks, with little to no success in relieving the pain.
After, reviewing my records and the MRI, the neuro-surgeon advised me that he was certain that my problem was entirely muscular. He recommended that I go to a Physical Massage Therapist, since I was showing little to no improvement after two weeks with the regular physical therapy.

A close friend recommended Pavel Maslennikov, and I have been seeing him since that time. In the beginning, I had two appoints per week, but have been seeing Pavel weekly for quite some time now. I have lost patience from time to time, and Pavel has had to remind me that it has taken me a long time (I am 73 years old) to get my back in this condition, and it will take him some time to make it pain free again. Also, I have found this to be hard work some of the time. After all, this is physical therapy massage, not just relaxation massage.

My lower back is now pain free for the most part, with only light treatment needed. My upper back has proven to be a challenge, but is showing improvement now. I still require weekly treatments, however.

I have placed my trust in Pavel, and am certain his care has made a significant improvement in my health and well-being.

Rosemary D.

Letter From: Patricia B.

Thank you for helping to repair my back. The pain has gone and I am able to sleep uninterrupted again.

Patricia B.

Letter From: Bryan A.

Wanted to thank you for a job well done, my shoulder feels great!
Passed my fire fighter physical exam, very grateful that my shoulder did not hurt.

Bryan A.

Letter From: Janet O.

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Pavel Maslennikov, Therapist
Deep Tissue-Myofascial Massage Date: September 12, 2007

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Pavel Maslennikov as a highly skilled and professional Therapist.

My personal physician referred me to Pavel for treatment. He has provided therapy for me since July 2006 on a regular schedule. Prior to receiving this therapy I had consulted two Orthopedic Physicians because of constant pain in my right shoulder. The pain and discomfort was having a debilitating effect.

My prior treatment included x-rays and an MRI. I was wondering what I could do when my personal physician said “Pavel can help you”.

Pavel has definitely helped me. My shoulder is no longer sore from just a touch and healing has taken place. I am able to continue doing the many things I like to do including necessary chores. I plan to continue receiving treatment from Pavel. He is a professional, but also a very pleasant person.


Janet O.

Letter From: Tom G.

To Whom It May Concern:

In July of 2004 while at work, I was lifting a flange out of a box and felt something pull in my shoulder. My shoulder became sore and difficult to lay on and I began to favor it.
Over the next year it became stiffer and stiffer and hurt me more and more. I went to my Dr., he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.

They took x-rays, did an MRI as well as other tests. The diagnosis was a “frozen shoulder.”
Physical therapy, pain pills, and ibuprofen were prescribed.
After 6 months of this therapy L& I decided I was well enough and stopped my treatment.
I was somewhat better, most of the soreness was gone and I had about 80% of my mobility back, so therapy was stopped.

Six months later, though, the pain returned. I went back to the orthopedic Dr.
My diagnosis was the same frozen shoulder. He prescribed the same procedure as before.
I told him I wanted something different, to go to a massage therapist, but he disagreed. So, I took it upon myself to go to:
“Pavel Maslennikov, LMT at Advanced Russian Physical Massage Therapy.”
He began to do deep tissue physical massage therapy on my shoulder two times a week.

Results of this treatment are as follows:
Approximately two months later, all the soreness was gone from my shoulder area. I believe I have full use of my arm now.

Thanks to Pavel’s treatment my shoulder is of no bother to me anymore.


Tom G.

Letter From: Patrick J.

Pavel’s  Massage Therapy is like no other. He is simply great! I went to see Pavel with shoulder, back, and neck pain after my medical doctor said in essence, learn to live with it — you’re just getting older. At age 61 there were still many things I wanted to do, and slowing down wasn’t one of them. Pavel listened while I explained my symptoms, then he told me he believed he could help. In just a matter of a few visits he had me pain free. Now I’m in training to ride the “STP” (bicycling from Seattle to Portland).

Currently my wife sees him for back, shoulder and sciatic nerve discomfort. Wow! What a difference. She has worked outside more this spring than she has in years and there is no more talk of moving into the city.

Pavel has the knowledge and skills to unlock health and vitality. And best of all his methods are natural and without harsh medications. I LOVE THIS GUY!

Patrick J.

Letter From: Shelly A.

Early on Saturday morning I woke up with a sharp aching pain in my left arm. It hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes. I woke my mom and she called my doctors emergency line. He called back ten minutes later and it seemed like thirty. He asked all the normal questions and my answer to all of them was no. The doctor suggested that I dislocated my arm in my sleep and in fact if that is what happened the pain should go away soon and he will see me Monday morning.

Saturday night was horrible. I couldn’t sit; I couldn’t lie so I paced the floor. I would only fall asleep when I was so tired I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. Then I would only sleep for a couple of minutes because the pain would wake me up. Then Sunday came and the same thing all over again. I tried Tylenol Advil and Ibuprofen they never even eased the pain at all.

Monday morning came, thank god, and off to the doc I was. He took x-rays and felt my arm all around and couldn’t come up with nothing else but dislocating my arm in my sleep and it might have pinched a nerve going back in. I didn’t think I slept that restless. So he prescribed me some pain medicine to help the pain, hoping it would get better soon. I went home and missed two or three days of work.

I couldn’t use my arm. I tried to use an arm sling to mobilize it hoping that would help. It didn’t. Then back to the doctor. He suggested if we can find the point where the nerve was pinched he could give me a shot to help the pain. I didn’t want that. So I asked the doctor about the massage therapist Pavel he referred my dad to for he shoulder when he had surgery. He told me his name and even called me in a referral.

I was scared to go at first because I have never had a deep tissue massage before and I hurt so badly. The first visit was rough. Every time my back and arm was touched I yelled and tears came to my eyes. Then two days later I came in for another massage. I was still in so much pain. The next visit I was feeling a little better. I could finally sleep all most through the whole night. I went twice a week for about two months and after every visit I got better and better.

Now I have no pain in my shoulder or arm. I never believed that massage therapy would help my pain, but it did and I have Pavel to thank for that.

Shelly A.

Letter From: Brenda J.

I want to take this time to tell you how much your deep tissue therapy has gave me my life back. I tell my story to a lot of people. I am sure some will come to you for pain.

In February I became stiff in my right neck. The stiffness felt like a kink. It never went away. By the end of the month it effected my right arm. I went to my Doctor and received meds and an MRI. Results: disk problems in my neck. By my 3d month I did not drive, sleep, move my head or lift my arm.

I seen a surgeon who told me I needed to have my disk cut out. I requested an option. I was told I could try therapy with a laugh.

Well I did. With a referral to P.T. I tried you and I am so ever grateful. By the end of the month I could move my head and lie down and sleep. My life was coming back now 5 months from the start of it all.

I can not tell you enough how grateful I am for having you cross my path in this moment of my life. If you could get the ward out to all bad disk people I am sure you would be able to eliminate a whole lot of surgeries. People out there need you and they do not even know it.
Thank you again. You have made my summer wonderful. I’ve been able to travel the states, camp and hike mountains, ride bike, drive again and most of all play with my grandchildren again-on the floor, and just live life and no surgery.
I choose Massage Therapy over any knife.

May God bless your life-like you have mine. I will see you again.

Truly Brenda J.

Letter From: Bart B.

History of Neck Problems:

20 years ago I was assigned to grease springs for 2 working days. I had to sit in a chair and bend over a box of springs and brush on grease. This was the beginning of my neck problems.

Through the years, most of the time my neck aches in the center, and is stiff to move from side to side.
About 5 years ago I had a MRI on my neck. I went to a neurosurgeon in Vancouver who told me I had a bone spur, but didn’t suggest surgery. He recommended over the door traction at a 20 degree angle with 15 lbs of weight. I did this for a time without results.

About 4 years ago my left arm began aching and started physical therapy. I went for 12 visits with relief in my arm. This didn’t resolve the problem with my neck. They used ultra sound and cold and light exercises.

About 2 years ago I went to physical therapy again for my neck. I went for 20 visits without results.

About 3 months ago, I began getting a sharp pain in my left shoulder. About two weeks later, my left arm started aching with pains shooting to my wrist. I had x-rays and started physical therapy. I received about 10 treatments without any results.
About 2 weeks ago I started deep tissue therapy with Pavel and had another MRI with following results:



Since my continued visits, I’ve improved to the point of being able to drive with no being
difficulty, ride my bike, do chores around the house, go on vacations, and pretty much have a normal life. My plan is to be completely pain free.

Thank you

Bart B.

Letter From: Steve J.

I began experiencing severe neck and right shoulder pain in April 2006. 1 strained my upper back and shoulder muscles. This was caused by over exertion from painting ceilings and years of playing golf. In truth the pain and discomfort were affecting my family life and work life.

My doctor first recommended physical therapy, which I found to be worthless. The PT included stretching “rubber bands” hooked to door knobs. Because I was already physically active I found these a waste of time.
My doctor referred me for an MRI where it was discovered I had some minor arthritis between two vertebrae in my neck. My doctor then referred me to an arthritis specialist for injections to these vertebrae.

Needing immediate attention I stopped to see Pavel Maslennikov at Advanced Russian Medical Massage. Having a full schedule Pavel asked to see me on Saturday. After about 6 weeks of therapy I began feeling much better. At that time we began scheduling my therapy every two weeks and are now at every three weeks.

After consulting with Pavel and the specialist, I decided to continue the massage therapy on a regular basis.
Today I am pain free. I feel better than I have in the past two or three years. I continue to play golf, paint, and work around my house. I have returned to the gym where I am weight-lifting and stretching.

I continue to see Pavel for massage therapy monthly. The treatment I have received from Pavel has had a profound positive impact on my entire life.

Steve J.

Letter From: Judy L.

When I first came to Advanced Russian Physical Massage Therapy Clinic for treatment, I was having terrible headaches and a great deal of neck pain. I was told by Longview Radiologists that I had “Degenerative Disc Disease”.

I had a few therapy treatments and I was feeling so much better. I was totally amazed and very thankful to feel so much better!

I was also, very thankful for Pavel’s helpful tips about healthy eating habits that would help with my Disc Disease. I’m following the advice and health tips in my daily life.

I appreciate all Pavel’s help.

Thanks again!

Judy L.

Letter From: Diane B.


It’s been 2 years since I had both knees replaced. I think back to the excellent care you provided me during my recovery process.
I can not speak highly enough of your services – I will keep referring clients to you.

Diane B.

Letter From: Sara S.

In early September I experienced a sudden onset of unprecipitated left hip pain. It was very painful to ascend stairs also lay upon the left hip. I tried over the counter pain medications which brought some relief, but the pain did not go away.

After 3 weeks, I consulted my massage therapist Pavel Maslennikov & he began deep tissue massage in the affected area of the left hip.

After the first treatment, I experienced immediate pain relief upon ascending stairs, but over the next few days the pain returned.

My second appointment was a week later & this time I also experienced immediate relief, whish lasted a few days.

My third treatment was a week later & this time the pain was almost gone except for an occasional twinge.

Two weeks later I had my forth treatment & at this time, I am pain free. Massage therapy works!!

Sara S.

Letter From: Cris C.

Pavel started working on my knees a week after I had a double knee replacement.
The swelling in the lower legs and ankles that usually lasts for quite a while after surgery were gone a week after he began therapy. The lack of swelling helped me to get up and around with much less pain and difficulty. It also made physical therapy easier by giving me a wider range of motion making it possible to work more quickly through the different assortment of exercises.

Along with being able to get by on much less pain medication I feel having weekly massage appointments enabled me to eliminate the use of a walker and cane much sooner than I would have otherwise. Even though it is unusual to have both knees done at the same time, I compared my progress with several others who had had only one knee replaced during that period of time. I actually felt I not only kept up with them in recovery but in some cases had less problem recovering even though had both knees done at the same time.

Cris C.

Letter From: Jerry A.

Thanks, Pavel

For your skill, with deep tissue therapy that began the return to normal life style.

It ‘s been 3 long years of dealing with hip replacement and pain before a new hip and then to correct the soft tissue problems.

The hip , back and leg relief is wonderful.


Jerry A.

Letter From: Linda B.

When I first called for an appointment my right knee cap had ‘popped out’ six weeks before. I was using crutches part of the time to get around. The knee was very swollen, painful and could not be straightened.

The first session with Pavel was PAINFUL, but when it was over I walked out with little use of my cane. Now several months later and bi-weekly sessions, my knee looks like a knee, it lays flat against the bed and pain for the most part is a thing of the past (only when I over do!).

I had never had this kind of therapeutic massage before, but have recommended it to several co-workers and friends. I am so pleased with the progress, I am more than willing to tell others that they, too, might have good fortune if not a better knee in the end.

Linda B.

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