Deep Tissue/Manual Therapy

At our Clinic we provide more than just a massage –  you get deep tissue/manual therapy (soft tissue mobilization) and hydrotherapy (steam packs) session.

The goal is: through a soft tissue manipulation (deep tissue) to brake loose any adhesions (bands of scar-like tissue) and restore proper muscle fibers function, and remove fluid stagnation (blood and lymph)

Depending on your symptoms some passive stretching can be incorporated into your treatment.

If you have a specific problem, check out ‚ÄúTESTIMONIALS” page where you may read about a similar condition.

Medical Application

Physiological changes that take place under Massage Treatment are:

  • Opens pores in skin, improves secretion of sebaceous (oil) glands and air exchange
  • Removes toxic substances from skin and muscles
  • Influences central and peripheral nervous systems
  • Stabilizes blood pressure

Hydrotherapy (steam packs) improves blood/lymph circulation and relaxes muscular tissue

Massage Treatment Improves:

  • Blood circulation in muscles and skin
  • Functions of liver, kidneys and spleen
  • Blood supply for bones and joints
  • Flow of lymph
  • Immune system

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